Monday, May 23, 2011

The ministry of silly walks

Is taking this show on the road for the next month. The arduous toiling behind university lecterns has been finished for the time being and all the paperwork completed. My guide license exam is also finished and while I am waiting for the results, the wild West awaits.

I intend to update as frequently as time (and weather) will allow but Mickey and I have a tight schedule and a lot of ground to cover in very little time, so there might only be minor updates during the trip itself...

I hope to include more video in this trip than the previous ones. I have some big(ish) plans in the works in terms of using this trips footage to greater ends than my own reminiscence when once again embroiled in the tedium of conventional life. I look forward to updating everyone on this exciting new project once a few necessary details become more clear...

Destinations will be...

South Dakota (Badlands, Needles, Spearfish[?], Mt Rushmore)
Wyoming (Devils Tower, Tensleep, Tetons, Lander and Sinks Canyon)
Idaho (City of Rocks, Dierkes Lake [?] Castle Rock)
California (Lovers Leap, Yosemite and Bishop area)

I really appreciate the support and interest of you who read and comment and follow along! ...........So please do!

Many thanks to the Kurek family for loaning me their firstborn to be my ropegun; also for the generous extension of the vehicle--greatly greatly appreciated!

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