Thursday, October 7, 2010

An update in brief

Not a great deal to report from the road. After hauling ass across Nevada in hopes of playing on some Tahoe Granite (specifically Lovers Leap and the Phantom Spires)it seemed that the weather was not in our favor and we would have to wait several days in a cramped car to get out and climb. Not appealing. A bit of course correction took us through Bishop, only to find the same scenario in play there.

After much deliberation, we decided to head down to Joshua Tree where we have found impeccable weather and the obviously vast selection of routes to climb. We are currently calling "the Pit" our home-free camping, replete with outdoor sofas and large sections of carpet for our enjoyment. We have been sharing it with a fellow named Andy and he has been a good source of local information and company. Since we will be here for a while instead of moving around more as we had hoped, we are trying to get friends to come out and climb with us here.

Christie and Mike will be our first victims--er partners out here this weekend. Pictures will follow in upcoming blogs.

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