Friday, May 14, 2010

Im not SPRY!

So I needed to get out and have another adventure, so I got my usual PIC (partner in canyons) Bailey and we also recruited Captain Steve to round out our hat-trick. Spry canyon was the chosen destination since the highway construction will soon be presenting an obstacle to accessing the east side of the park; we had to get while the gettin's good.

We got a parked one car down at the first switchback and rode a ZAC shuttle up to the beginning of the approach and commenced around 10:15am (give or take)

Steve on the approach in

A look back on the ground we covered on the approach

Steve and Bailey at the top of the approach; 55 minutes of steady uphill slab-paddlin got us to the top of this bowl. East temple is in the fore, west temple can be seen down through Spry Canyon.

Looking back from the top of the approach

I think this is Mtn of the Sun, but I could be wrong.

Looking down Spry

So we made our way down from the saddle where the previous pictures were taken and found our way into the watercourse. Here we encountered the first rappel which had another party on it; they graciously allowed us to play through.

Looking back up


After playing through we hiked in a way and did a rap and a downclimb then more rapping...Here's Bailey setting up a rap off a tree.

When I was talking to Hank about Spry he informed me that I would encounter rope grooves here that would put all other rope grooves to shame. Once I got to this rappel I knew immediately that this was the place he spoke of. We let another party play through on our rope...this was a really fun rap, 90 ft or so...

A little squeeze around a chockstone

Looking down into the watercourse before a nice long rap

The outside of the chockstone squeeze

Bailey and Steve freehanging on rappel

So then there was an option to go around the watercourse for a bit or downclimb and stay in to get to a nice rap...I decided to downclimb, Bailey and Steve went high but we met in the middle for a sweet looooong rap...

Looking out from the top of the rappel after the downclimb

Looking up...

The finale...Steve going big...

Hiking out...

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