Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year...Still Keeping it Real

Since Joshua Tree, there has been a bit of the mundane interspersed with the traveling and climbing that has been documented here. To make a long story short, we (Stef and I) have relocated to San Diego and will be here, staying with Christie until...

I have been asked how long we will be out here and I can't say for sure- just that it will probably be for a while and it is permanent. This has not, however, put a damper on travel plans and expeditionary loomings. I am looking at a trip into Wyoming and perhaps beyond this summer- Bugaboos anyone?

Also, it would be hard to ignore the lifetimes of rock that await in the Sierras right here in Cali...Also, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) will likely see some of my time at various points.

For the present, I am exploring San Diego County and the plethora of seemingly unknown desert rock locations which are in prime season right now. I am writing for as some of you may know, and I will be reviewing each venue in that online column with pictures and run-down and all that good stuff. is slightly different than this blog as it is a bit more formal, more "informative". Oh, also I get paid for that writing, thus it is "real". To be fair it pays usually less than 50 cents a day, but it's something. I would appreciate any subscribers...cough...cough...and checking in every now and then.

Some recent adventures at Santee...

Interesting perspective on jamming a crack (photo by Stef)

Christie got some new kicks and has been breaking them in on the Santee Slabs.

And Christie pulling hard on the West face of the Ampitheater

Look for more of same in the near future...and more other...stuff.

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